Why use secure, locking earring backs?

It is reasonable to suggest that when we purchase a new pair of stud earrings, whether for ourselves or as a gift, we put a considerable amount of thought in to our purchase. Yet we often give little thought to the backs which secure them.

We all wear our earrings in different ways. Some people insert a pair of studs but then rarely remove them, wearing them to sleep, shower, participate in sporting activities etc. etc. This is a big ask of a pair of normal earring backs which can easily be detached and lead to the loss of the earring. Other people might change their earrings regularly or insert a favourite pair of earrings just for special occasions. Regardless of the way that you wear your earrings it would be madness not to use a locking, secure back.

When we buy earrings we are often easily persuaded to exceed our intended budget because we see something we prefer to the cheaper option. Yet we often see the purchase of a pair of locking, secure earring backs as too expensive or frivolous. This really is a false economy as without these backs those newly purchased earrings are more likely to simply get lost.

All stud earrings are supplied with a pair of backs. However few are supplied with a more secure back. Those that are tend to be more expensive, such as those made from platinum and precious stones. Another type of earring that is supplied with a more secure back are those that are made by jewellery designers. There are often a one-off design and so very difficult to replace. Some children’s earrings also come with a more secure option. Many of the backs that are routinely fitted to cheaper earrings are not made from precious metals and so in some instances cause irritation to the wearer.

So, why use a secure, locking earring back?
Secure backs such as Lox do exactly what they say – they lock on to the post of a stud earring therefore securing it and preventing it from being lost. Lox have two components which are both hypo-allergenic and so suitable for earring wearers with sensitive skin and allergies. They are different to normal earring backs so it is advised that the wearer practices using them before they are worn.

Pearl Stud

Lox are very reasonably priced, especially as if they are used correctly they prevent the loss of those treasured earrings. Another benefit of using Lox is that they fit the majority of different size stud posts. Many people who have switched to Lox simply have one pair of silver tone and one pair of gold tone which they use for all of their stud earrings, making them a jolly good investment!